What a year 2018 has been with all the turmoil in our Parliament over Brexit and volatility in the financial markets. As we celebrated Christmas day with our family and friends, we remembered the less fortunate people struck by illness and those poor souls mired in deprivation.


As we enter 2019, my friends at Sovereign and I will continue to build on the core principles and strengths of the movement – patriotism, common sense, compassion, endeavour and optimism. In short, we at Sovereign seek to assure the best of all British values.


I take this opportunity to thank you very much for your support. Please tell your friends about Sovereign, and extend the invitation to join us to make Britain great again!


I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





Taking stock of our situation, uniting and moving our country forward

There is much misunderstanding surrounding the essence of Brexit, and the reasons are collectively symptomatic of a wider malaise that has until recently gone neglected and unchallenged.

There is a tendency to accept what appear to be good offers without questioning the motives and that inclination has been exploited unscrupulously by many politicians. When such offers require less than usual effort, their acceptance is easily sealed. The transformation of United Kingdom from a wholly sovereign nation before it joined the European Economic Community to one on the brink of becoming a vassal in the federal superstate of the European Union resulted from, inter alia, a combination of UK parliamentarians relinquishing progressively their authority and acquiescing to the supremacy of EU laws in exchange for the task of legislating for ourselves. The UK is also subject to EU’s perverse system of wealth redistribution and unsustainable incentives for the populace and administration.

With our national interests besieged by Remainers on the one hand and the EU on the other, our best defence is founded on patriotism. Patriotism is also best way to advance our society.

That is the first principle of the Sovereign Party.

Given that we are in effect seceding from the federal superstate of the EU, it would be naive to expect the EU to be charitable and grant us every beneficial advantage. As we prepare for a No-Deal Brexit, the same realisation and evolving ethos that there is no such thing as a free lunch should stand our country in great stead and a fit state to thrive and prosper.

To craft a vibrant society despite biological variables by which some will be more able than others, the principles of equity and solidarity will be embodied in all Sovereign policies going forward. Every right will require responsibility and accountability. Time-honoured British culture and values will be maintained, free from political correctitude. Our once world-leading nation will regain its ascendancy, respect and dignity.

That is the promise of the Sovereign Party manifesto.

Support Sovereign. Join Sovereign. Together, we will make Britain Great again!

Thank you.

Dr Teck Khong

24th December 2018


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