We understand that only through a strong economy can we provide necessary public services and growth.  To that end we will ensure that the correct advice and sound investment is adhered to.

We will take global markets into account when making national and international monetary decisions.


We will start with a full public spending review focussed on value for money and what is delivered, not just about what is spent in various areas.

Growth will be promoted through a business led economy.  Maximising tax receipt through a strong business market rather than higher business taxes.

We will engage in FTAs with the rest of the world wherever possible, avoiding protectionist tariffs that stifle competition and innovation while driving up prices for the consumer

We will ensure trade agreements are fair to both the UK and developing/emerging economies.

We will actively pursue a policy of minimal government interference to free trade, taking action only when necessary to prevent damage to the economy or UK citizens.

We will ensure regulation is at a level necessary to ensure fair competition, worker protection and good governance.

We will take sound advice from business leaders, monetary experts and unions, to be better placed to deal with any issues arising. This is taxpayers’ money and as such decisions will not be made without due process and safe systems being in place. By following such methodology, we can identify and remedy any issues as they arise, as well as reacting quickly and correctly to the continuously fluid world economy.


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