Assistance to countries requiring aid will be given in a manner that aims to increase employment and productivity, refocussing on knowledge transfer rather than simply giving away money.

Sovereign will immediately end the current rule that the budget must be spent.

To reassure taxpayers, we will produce interim and final audits of expenditure and results.


Foreign Aid is a noble initiative with good intention to benefit the less fortunate and disadvantaged so that higher levels of self-sufficiency and standards of living can be attained. The delivery of Foreign Aid, however, is fraught with misguided actions while misplaced trust can be attended by results that fall short of expectation and weighed down by unforeseen consequences.

The Sovereign Party in government will expressly realign the policy on Foreign Aid to maximise benefit to the end recipients.

To mitigate the misery and effects of population displacement occasioned by natural calamity, man-made disaster or war, efforts must be directed to alleviate suffering with materials, medicines and food. Suitable resettlement in nearby safe havens in the form of demilitarised zones will always be preferred so that return to original areas can be easily facilitated after rebuilding upon cessation of conflict or calamity.

To assure equitable trading relations with poor countries, Sovereign will assess Foreign Aid applications from disadvantaged communities, prioritising knowledge transfer and technical aid that underpin the acquisition of production skills and business capabilities. Sovereign will also ensure that Foreign Aid policy includes personal empowerment and autonomy through microfinance rather than the current model of expensive projects.

Those for whom political asylum is the last resort, Sovereign will place the cost of all their assistance within the remit of Foreign Aid.

We will consider a scheme for those health tourists and illegal immigrants who elude NHS payment for any reason, that the costs should be met from the Foreign Aid budget.


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