All applications must be taken as individual cases and not on numbers of applications but the need of the United Kingdom

To ensure that international law is applied correctly to ensure asylum is not given where the law of its application is not valid.

We will work with partner states and countries to ensure illegal immigration is stopped from impacting on the people of the United Kingdom by using laws and Border control policies to reduce it to the minimum


We will extend and update the existing non-EU system of quotas and checks to all economic migrants, to create a level playing field, based on the needs of the UK rather than numbers.  We will continue to levy a fee on all employers who employ economic migrants to cover the administrative cost of managing the quotas and checks.  And to anyone who says this policy will create a preference to employ UK citizens, we say “Yes, absolutely.”

We will set a qualifying period within which an economic migrant will not have access to in work or out of work benefits.  The qualifying period will be flexible, based on the individual level of PAYE and NI contributions.

All economic migrants will be required to hold health insurance to cover the cost of NHS treatment.

We will increase the priority of finding illegal immigratants.  We will also set the presumption that illegal immigrants will be repatriated, without recourse to what we consider to be spurious human rights claims.  We will allow long term illegal immigrants the defence of having contributed to our society since arrival and continuing to do so.  If successful, such people will be granted the right to stay as legal economic migrants.


The results of open door immigration, and ineffective policing of illegal immigrants, has created toxicity in our society that is unhelpful and unhealthy.  We believe that everyone in the UK has a right to know that their neighbour, or the person they work with, has a right to be in the UK, is here within the rules, and is contributing to society.

It is important to note that the details of this policy do not all apply to asylum seekers.  Neither does it apply to migrants typified by the ‘Windrush generation’, who have been let down by current and previous governments.


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