We will refocus and reprioritise all parts of the legal system to place victims of law breaking at the centre of every decision.


Law breakers will be targeted on an individual and equal basis, without fear or favour, irrespective of race, gender or religion.  The interests of victims will always be paramount.  Our aim is to ensure no perpetrator goes unpunished, and no victim ignored.

We recognise that 100% prosecution is unachievable.  Therefore, our priority will be crime that causes permanent or long-term damage to any individuals physical, mental or fiscal state.  The greater the assessment of damage, the greater the priority given to solving and prosecuting.


UK law has been built by and for our society over many years, resulting in a structure based on the British values of fairness, protection of the individual, and sanctions against law breakers.  In recent years we have seen external pressures to this structure we see as detrimental, and which must be reversed.


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