Reproduced with the kind permission of Margaret Dawn Pepper

Patriotism, Integrity, Transparency, Equality

  • At the heart of the Sovereign Party is the vision of a fair, just and sovereign United Kingdom, free from foreign interference and where patriotism is a respected citizen’s virtue.


  • Sovereign is a political movement that puts the interests of the United Kingdom and the British people first.


  • Sovereign expects an honest and open government that reflects the interests of the electorate and the nation.


  • Sovereign aims to support candidates who share its fundamental principles of fidelity and integrity in their dedication to the British people and the interests of the United Kingdom.


  • Sovereign will ensure transparency and accountability in all aspects of public office and will challenge elected representatives who fail to act with honesty and impartiality


  • Sovereign aims to engage with all British citizens united under the rule of law as equals, regardless of gender, race, or religion. The law is the immutable standard of authority, being paramount any religious or civil conflict.


  • Sovereign will approach difficult issues that have a tendency to divide or subvert the British people and their integrity, and will support all policies that promote responsibility without fear or favour. All citizens should be free within the law, accountable for their own actions and with the minimum of intrusion from the government.


  • Sovereign is committed to deliver a vibrant economy through responsible financial policies and being free from undue influence of interest groups.


  • Sovereign recognizes that the Treasury is a repository of taxpayers’ money and expects the government to be prudent and transparent in managing its finances with respect to all public services under its remit.


  • Sovereign will protect and maintain all aspects of mainstream British culture.


  • Sovereign stands for truth, transparency and accountability in all matters and on all subjects, working to end divisive politics which sets citizen against citizen that is the hallmark of the present day politics.


  • Sovereign wishes the government of the United Kingdom to exercise wisdom and sound judgement in all its undertakings across the world, evincing a strong, worthy and consistent British leadership.